January 16th, 2019
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Bringing the top tax speakers to you.

The Longmark formula is simple yet highly effective; bring the best tax speakers who are in practice to great local venues; ask them to talk on subjects they are actually advising on which are practical and relevant to the audience and provide comprehensive notes to take back to the office whilst delivering excellent value for money.

These were our aims when we formed Longmark Tax Conferences in 2005 to organise high quality tax planning conferences at key locations around the UK. We have stuck to these principles and have seen Longmark Tax Conferences become established as the market leader in the regional tax conference market as well as successfully establishing a regular series of conferences in London.

We are proud of the fact that such a very high proportion of our delegates have become regulars and come to all our local events.

Over the years our delegates have enthused about the quality of our conferences and some of their comments are highlighted above. We are delighted that not only is the content, professionalism and value of the courses frequently praised but delegates often remark on how enjoyable the conferences are. The conferences are highly rated for the networking opportunities they provide and many of the speakers over the years have mentioned the buzz from the delegates whilst they mingle during lunch and at the refreshment breaks.

Tax legislation continues to increase in volume and complexity every year and the tax planning environment is constantly and dynamically changing. 

Remaining up to date on both the increasingly complex technical landscape and the changing attitude of HMRC and the tribunals is critical for those professionals advising on tax issues. The  demand from clients for tax advice continues unabated. so the need to stay abreast of the latest tax planning ideas, changes in legislation and reviewing recent tax cases has never been greater.

Our conferences, which typically feature a panel of at least 4 eminent speakers (almost exclusively members of the tax bar and senior figures from major accountancy, law and niche consultancy practices) make the latest tax planning ideas from the most innovative and creative tax minds both accessible and affordable.

Whilst our conferences are competitively priced there is no compromise on quality.  We work hard to ensure that all aspects of every conference are of the highest standard. This starts with the choice of speakers and range of subjects, through to the location, comfort and catering at the chosen venues, the collation of the delegate packs and all aspects of the administration, before during and after each conference.  We always seek written feedback from our delegates which we carefully analyse and factor into the design of future conferences.